Every construction professional knows that there are tools and there are power-tools. We took up the challenge to develop a digital communications power tool for construction site managers. We call it RIDARTECH’s Construction Site Communicator.

RIDARTECH Communicator is designed and built by a unique team of construction and IT professionals. The founding team, Gershon Charitan, a veteran construction project manager, Yorai Gabriel an experienced CAD/CAM professional and CAD platforms architect, and Ran Hadary a talented software engineer and a leader.


Day of Experience

RIDARTECH Communicator is the product of 60+ years of accumulated experience in Construction, Product design and Programming combined.



Co-Founder and CEO


Co-Founder and VP Business Development

email: gershon@ridartech.com


Co-Founder and VP Products

email: yorai@ridartech.com

In 2013 we realized that mobile devices can bring innovative value to the construction site. Starting with a cloud based document archive; only to understand that the big challenge is bringing information technology to construction sites and providing relevant tools to field operators.

Field operators have unique set of technological unmet needs that haven’t been successfully addressed so far. Our mix of expertise in construction, computer aided design and planning and technology development allowed us to re-imagine documentation and reporting for construction in a creative and innovative approach that succeeds in breaking away from traditional product concepts, which, for years have produced irrelevant digital tools for construction site operators and construction site managers.

We are proud of our team’s interdisciplinary capabilities that created a powerful site centered solution, for the first time.