The Construction Industry


Billion Dollars, industry size is 2020


Increase in Industry Size in the next 5 years

of World’s GDP in 2020

of Project Managers say “Visibility Between Projects” is their number one challenge

Decrease in cost of Internal Change Order after introducing project management technology


Construction sites look different then they are imagined from the consultants’ offices. Plenty of things to supervise, plenty of events to document, and plenty of tasks and alerts to delegate. Plenty of action items to monitor, plenty of team members to inform and plenty of places to be in.

Construction Industry - a normal construction site

Construction Industry - construction site

Construction Industry - a normal construction site

Responsible Party for Construction Delay and Rework

There are various reasons for reworks; most of them are not in direct control of the manager on site. Yet, the manager is there to make sure the work gets done, and everybody is well informed.

  • 12.5% Labor

  • 15.8% Owner

  • 15.9% Contractor

  • 15.4% Consultant

  • 14.5% Material

  • 11.1% External

  • 14.7% Equipment


This is why we built the construction site communicator, the  first information management power tool designed especially for the needs of construction managers in construction site.

RIDARTECH Communicator – information technology built for builders

Communicator Solution